About Me

In the Fall of 1981 while practicing martial arts, Mike took a blow to his right elbow that left his fingers numb for two days.  This scare drove Mike to develop his drawing skills, so that, should fate interfere, he wouldn’t be left asking, “how good might I have been”?  Mike originally comes from the Mid West and spent his first 21 years there, but since then has lived around the world, including Germany, Italy, Japan and Texas.  Throughout it all, he found that the one constant in his life was his need to draw.  He is entirely self taught.  Having spent many years developing his skill, Mike confesses to a certain annoyance when others call his talent “a gift”, rather than the fruit of years of hard work.  Preferring graphite pencils to any other medium, he rarely, if ever works in color, saying that he perceives most of his artistic visions in black and white.  Mike has recently settled in Salem, MA.  After a life of nomadic existence, moving all over the world due to military assignments, he now hopes to settle down in New England.  He currently works out of his home in North Salem.